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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

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Such a series won't be necessarily awful. A total reboot may really be the next step for Trek once the Abrams era ends.
Sure, it could be great. Imagine if Showtime reimagined Star Trek as somethng more emotionally real and adult, along the line of Game of Thrones.

But if Showtime wants to dabble in genre fare, they're more likely to go for a more marketable category - high fantasy, supernatural cop show, supernatural horror - rather than space opera.
I doubt that Trek will ever wind up on Showtime and become something exclusively for adults. If anything, I think the goal will be to reach for more people rather than fewer, so a new Trek will probably skew younger, while still having something for all audiences. That doesn't mean a new Trek series can't explore serious themes and storylines, but I don't believe we'll ever see a "TV-MA" Trek series.

In fact, I really believe the next Trek series will be an animated one aimed at kids myself with a toyline and other related merchandise fully behind it.
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