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Wasn't "A Canticle For Leibowitz" also based around a similar premise? A post apocalyptic monastic order blindly copying ancient texts and circuit diagrams into illuminated scripture without the slightest clue what they are, but all too willing to attribute a divine or mystical meaning.

Never mind modern archaeology, it makes one wonder how many ancient scriptures are based of something far more mundane than their authors might claim. I know it makes me wonder about that ancient Egyptian carving that looks suspiciously like a lightbulb...

But yeah, anyone who watches 'Time Team' knows all about how little archaeologists really understand. I recall Robinson calling bullshit on them a few times when they try to pass something off that can't immediately explain as having "ceremonial significance." I really wish they'd treat their own scientific discipline with a little respect and be upfront about the unknowns. Making such broad assumptions with so little data can easily lead to or indeed compound misconceptions.

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