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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
Such a series won't be necessarily awful. A total reboot may really be the next step for Trek once the Abrams era ends.
Sure, it could be great. (I should have said we might end up with somethng awful.) Imagine if Showtime reimagined Star Trek as somethng more emotionally real and adult, along the line of Game of Thrones.

But if Showtime wants to dabble in genre fare, they're more likely to go for a more marketable category - high fantasy, supernatural cop show, supernatural horror - rather than space opera.

Given Abrams has gone back to Basics - Kirk, Spock, Enterprise - a TV series made sometime after his film trilogy that does the same thing might feel natural
That's the last thing CBS would do now. The Abrams reboot is too high profile and to reboot Kirk, Spock, etc all over again would turn the advantage of the movie's success into a detriment, by confusing the audience. They'd have to wait till the movies are pretty well forgotten but then, why bother with Star Trek at all?

More likely, they'd make a grownup drama for Showtime or a young female centric drama for CW, with all or mostly new characters. And either of those channels would demand a very different appoach than we've seen in the movies or on TV. Abrams didnt really reboot the franchise because it still has the same feel, but that wouldn't necessarily be the case for a new series.

BillJ wrote: View Post
If CBS is making good money with little investment, they'll likely see no reason to dump a ton of cash into an unknown.
That argument still makes no sense. Just because one facet of Star Trek is easy money does not preclude CBS also investing in something that's less easy. They do it all the time, when they launch a new series that has no established fanbase, such as this year's Vegas.

So if they're willing to do things that aren't easy money in general, why would the name Star Trek turn them off? A new series would be synergistic with the older series, helping promote each other.

If they're putting effort into promoting other series, then why not ride those coattails, too, with a new series? The more Star Trek's profile is raised, by re-releases, movies, etc, the better the environment is for a new series. But waiting till all the hooplah dies down is a terrible strategy because then you have to build all the PR up from zero.

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