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Counterpoint AND Coffee

I always found it an interesting way to hold a cup. Maybe to prevent unwanted things falling into it. Or to keep it warm a little longer. But it has a clear disadvantage: You get a wet hand from the steam.
I always thought she was keeping herself from throwing it into his face!

Talk about getting burned... He may not have missed the coffee that much if she did that, although it would have been greatly amusing!

I also liked the two double entendre's in the scene with Kayshyk. He wants to try HER "replicator"... (loved her look) and SHE'S sorry... for taking HIS replicator "offline".
I never noticed that. Of course, then he says "In case I decided to replicate a weapon..."

Now that just makes me think of the horror a Janeway/Kashyk offspring would be...

And no... she NEVER slept with him. SHe teased him and kept him dangling, but never crossed that line cuz after all he's a fascist that wants to kill her telepaths and all those refugees.

Sure... she's willing to consider that MAYBE he's serious about his conversion from the darkside, she's willing to bring him along for the ride a'la Neelix/Kes... but she's not betting on it.
It's a good thing that she didn't (IMO). I think that it showed that she had integrity. I've always thought that if this episode happened in the Mirror Universe (or something akin to that) that the Janeway there would have slept with him.

She's definitely willing to consider his defection as serious, but she's smart enough to realize that his nature naturally leans towards deception. Plus, she's not just going to trust someone that's part of an organization like the Devore Imperium.
"It's never easy, but if we turn our backs on our principles we stop being human." - Kathryn Janeway, "Equinox Part 1".
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