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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I'm cool with it and I've been a viewer since 1972. I will admit I did a "Whu...?!" for about 2 or 3 seconds during that turbolift scene, but then I remembered those lil' "character" bits from "The Man Trap" and "Charlie X" before the scene in the movie even finished.

Concerning Spock's assumed bethrothal to T'Pring... Hey, perfect setup for a romantic conflict. With just 10,000 surviving Vulcans, NuSpock would understandably calculate the odds of her survival as nil. But if she did escape the grav' collapse of their homeworld, things will turn interesting to say the least. Since they are already bonded, you just know the remaining population will want them to breed. (Even if she didn't make it, I suspect the ruling body of the new colony will still want Spock's genes and may see Uhura as a "distraction".)
Or they could become more isolationist and not want to dilute their tiny gene pool with human DNA.

And assuming T'Pring has survived and is anything like her "prime universe" counterpart, we could have a very different spin and new insights upon Pon Farr and the rituals surrounding it. Who knows, we could see two lovely lasses duking it out with lirpas, ahn-woons and possibly additional weapons, vying for the hand (and other parts) of Spock.

I'd pay to watch that, especially if their garments get torn in a fashion similar to "classic" Kirk's!
Couldn't hack that myself, except for the ripping part. I'm hoping that Spock's future pon farr story is retold quite differently with or without T'Pring. If she did survive it's a huge story element.

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