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Re: 50TH Anniversary rumor

^I've wanted Sam Troughton to show up at some point on Doctor Who ever since I first saw him absolutely steal the show on Robin Hood. I don't care what he plays on Doctor Who. (But if they cast him as yet another member of the royal family of Peladon, I wouldn't object.)

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Do you make a love letter to the fans of the series as a WHOLE, or make it more about the show as it is now?
No question you make it a love letter to fans of the series as a whole, since we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the original show in 1963. If you want to just center on the new series, you'd only have to wait a couple more years for the 10th anniversary of the premiere of the Christopher Eccleston series in 2005.

Personally, I think more should be done to educate the new fans on the show's rich history. Whenever I see any of these new retrospective specials on BBC America, I get frustrated that they mostly seem to be pedantic rehashes of the plots of episodes that most fans already know. Now, I suppose the real purpose of these specials is to educate the super-new fans who've never seen anything before. But still, I think specials like that would be a good way of giving new-series fans a good overview of the classic series; particularly for the new fans who don't have the patience to sit through the glacial pacing of most of the classic series.
This has bugged me about those specials as well and all the gushing about the new series and Matt Smith in general in those makes me wonder how those same commentators would react to seeing how the past Doctors reacted in similar conditions.
Well, in fairness, I do get the impression that some of the commentators are familiar with the classic series, but a lot of them aren't. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with gushing about Matt Smith. (Gushing about David Tennant on the other hand...)

But mostly, the only thing I really like about those specials is the realization that Pete from 30 Rock is a Whovian.
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