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Ha! Just in time to save the thread from the depths of the second page.

(Upper - complete ship; lower: saucer separated, and foreground engine omitted to show hull).

This was a tough one, since it wasn't bashed from Enterprise parts that I could trace from existing plans. Had to actually loft this from the model.

Here's the model, bashed from a Gundam Val-Walo:

Now for the top view. (Oy.)
If there is one thing that I learned while working on the Fuego class, it is that having some form of template helps a lot when working with vector art. That way, you'll at least have an idea of what you want the proportions to be like, and where to start laying everything out. Otherwise, it is easy to get bogged down when it comes to making sure everything matches up on all views, which has been the case with the Valkyrie.
Because of this, I think from now on, I'm going to make at least a simple or semi-detailed set of orthographic views before starting in Illustrator, and I should probably sketch a set for the Valkyrie.
Yeah, the more that a ship uses parts based on an already existing design (or more), the easier it is to make progress, but it seems that you're making progress just fine.

The parts you chose for the nacelles I think were a very good choice. Every time I see them, I can't help but notice how much I like them.

Forbin wrote: View Post
Here's a sample one of the (very few) finished 2-page spreads from the tech manual in progress. At the moment it's at 82 pages, and the PDF version is about 190MB

Very good work on the Tech manual. I liked the comment where it says "They kicked the enemy's ass from here to next Tuesday". Well, except for maybe the U.S.S. Pompey Magnus, apparently. I wouldn't be surprised if you had already thought out a story behind her demise.
Though I think that when you say Pulse Phasers, I think you mean Mega-Phasers, which are (to my knowledge) supposed to be two different things.
I'm glad to see that we can confirm once and for all that the Couer De Lion is indeed a Conqueror class, and not the class ship. Any chance we will get the registry codes listed along with the names, or should I just assume their assigned codes at my own discretion?
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