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Re: Best Audio Book?

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So, I just started on Iris Wildthyme, Series 1 (Iris Wildthyme at Large), and there is a Stuffed Panda who talks, named Panda. Does he have an origin story somewhere, or do we just roll with it?

Series 1 starts out with her prior Companion Tom, having been away from her 10 years, are those previous adventures available, or is that just made up backstory?

Previously, I only had experience with her through a Tom Baker short story, I believe from "Tales From The TARDIS", concerning Feline race (Old Flames, I believe). So, I have very little knowledge of Iris Wildthyme, jsut curious as to what else might be out there prior to Series 1.

I see by looking at Wikipedia, there's Novels and short stories, where she wasn't even yet conceived as being a Time lady, it appears, or at least not officially connected. I also notice she's featured in a few Doctor Who Audio Plays.

So, basically just wondering if I'm missing anything starting with Iris Wildthyme at Large?
Tom previously appeared in some of the novels (Verdigris, maybe others), but Wildthyme at Large is Panda's first appearance. His backstory has been hinted at in the short stories (especially Miss Wildthyme and Friends Investigate), but that's it so far.
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