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Re: POSTHUMAN - T'Baio's Sci-Fi Web Series!

I apologize for just getting around to responding now, JA and RJ. But thanks for all the thoughts and compliments and comments.

And thanks for your in-depth review, JA...I'm really flattered.

I'm glad you liked Andrew's music. I've never worked with a composer, and I was so attached to the music I had originally used from Nine Inch Nails' "Ghost I-IV" album, even so far as planning and writing to the songs before ever shooting, and then of course editing to them. Andrew did a great job of retaining that "pop-futuristic-industrial" kind of feel, while also making the music his own. I adore the themes he came up with, and love his music for Episode 1.04 - "Promises." That score reminds me of Vangelis' Blade Runner music.

As for your thoughts regarding Porter and Gina's relationship formerly being told in flashback and not quite liking as much as now how it's front loaded...I can assure the "flashback" will return in the 2nd season. There's quite a large revelation I have planned in the 2nd last episode in a flashback to show what happened to Porter and Gina. As a matter of fact, JA himself may have a hand in that. (An announcement just made today...if you'd like to elaborate JacksonArcher? )

Thank you everyone for your thoughts! Season 2 will be here soon enough!
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