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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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Soldiers don't get to strike because they have contracts for a specific period of time and have some defined conditions of their term as soldiers.
No. Soldiers don't get to strike because it would make armed forces stop functioning alltogether.
Besides, since when do we have details on the finer points of colonial enlistment?

Tyrol made lots of good points about the strikers' demands, and about how jobs were getting passed down to families like it was a new caste system. The workers were working EIGHTEEN hour days, every day for years, basically slave conditions.
Yes he did. And in the end, both, Adama and Roslyn, listened where dictators wouldn't give a shit.
Actually, Roslyn listened to him twice. Unfortunately, the first solution just didn't work out that well.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Why do people continue to do these jobs? They aren't getting paid. Their lives are not going to improve. The fundamentals that make human society possible are gone. All you have left is a small city's worth of people, on the run from monsters that want to wipe them out for good. What's your motivation for doing anything except mere survival?
Because refining Thylium, growing fruits and vegetables, making ammo, etc. are crucial to their survival. When society or community as a whole hangs in the balance, people tend to stop caring about money.
Why do you think there are so many voluntary helpers after disasters, be it natural or manmade? These guys don't get paid either, so why do they do this?
Back in 2002, we had the worst flood of the century in Saxony, Germany. After the water had gone, my hometown looked like a frakking warzone.
I went in there with a friend and day after day, we helped clean up the mud and debris. No one had asked us to. We just went from house to house, offering help to people we had never met before.
And we weren't the only ones. The whole town was filled with people just trying to help.
This is just what humans do in a crisis.

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