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Re: Perfect example of what they SHOULD have done with the TNG-R FX

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I have to say the CGI in the remastered eps was good all around, but I was really impressed by the D'Deridex reveal in "Neutral Zone". Perhaps it's just that I haven't "Neutral Zone" since the Season 1 DVD set came out, but I felt that the Warbird looked amazing. It seemed imposing, big and really well textured. There even appears to be a new design element, a sort of ripple or fold on the "wings" of the ship. I actually said "Whoa!" outloud upon seeing it. The CGI E-D looks good, though there are a few times I *know* it's a CGI ship and the illusion is shattered. But I have to say, the CGI is well integrated into the show and doesn't seem as alien as it does in TOS-R. (Not that TOS-R is bad, but you notice it more.)

Also, have we gotten a reason as to why that 2 seconds of Riker wasn't HD? Missing film I'm guessing.
Perhaps you weren't reading the press releases for TNG:HD but the original effects work is only being replaced when they can't find the original filmed elements. Season 1 only has 3 or 4 shots where they had to replicate a shot with CGI.

I would be interested to hear what shots you felt screamed CGI considering 99% of the effects are the original effects recomposited with modern technology. That romulan ship was original, not CGI.
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