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Re: Perfect example of what they SHOULD have done with the TNG-R FX

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The CGI E-D looks good, though there are a few times I *know* it's a CGI ship and the illusion is shattered. But I have to say, the CGI is well integrated into the show and doesn't seem as alien as it does in TOS-R.
As Trekker4747 says, the ships here are not CGI. For TNG, unlike TOS, they still had the original film of the miniature photography used in creating TNG's effects, and have simply recomposited those film elements in HD. The only things that have been replaced were things that were created in low-resolution video the first time, like most of the planets, the starscapes, animation elements like phasers and transporter beams, or things that were CGI the first time like the Crystalline Entity. But the ships are the real physical models, the exact same footage that we've been seeing for 25 years, just in much higher resolution than we were able to see it before.
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