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Re: Best Audio Book?

So, I just started on Iris Wildthyme, Series 1 (Iris Wildthyme at Large), and there is a Stuffed Panda who talks, named Panda. Does he have an origin story somewhere, or do we just roll with it?

Series 1 starts out with her prior Companion Tom, having been away from her 10 years, are those previous adventures available, or is that just made up backstory?

Previously, I only had experience with her through a Tom Baker short story, I believe from "Tales From The TARDIS", concerning Feline race (Old Flames, I believe). So, I have very little knowledge of Iris Wildthyme, jsut curious as to what else might be out there prior to Series 1.

I see by looking at Wikipedia, there's Novels and short stories, where she wasn't even yet conceived as being a Time lady, it appears, or at least not officially connected. I also notice she's featured in a few Doctor Who Audio Plays.

So, basically just wondering if I'm missing anything starting with Iris Wildthyme at Large?
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