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Re: The new Post Your Desktop thread

yeah... spaceships in the Babylon 5 universe are HUGE lol

class: Victory
type: Heavy Destroyer
length: 2,990.31 meters
mass: 310 million metric tons
crew: 150 / 600 officer / crew
troops: 2,000
fighter: 56 Starfury fighter craft
power: Quantum Gravimetric reactor, Fusion reactors
duration: 20 years

1 Super Quantum Discharge Cannon
8 Heavy Quantum Discharge Cannons
6 Heavy Neutron Cannon
12 Fusion Beam Cannons
Multiple Anti-Fighter pulse cannons along hull
Missiles [multiple launchers]

10-15 meters re-enforced hull with Plasteel / Crystalline Armor mesh. 70% refractive armour.
Tractor Beams
Gravitic Defense Fields
Minbari Stealth Device

compared to the Excalibur, the Enterprise is a shuttle lol

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