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Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...

"Past Prologue"

Look, its Garak

this is a solid, if just "ok" episode. While I like that the siters made a appearance, I like them to stay as TNG villains, and not DS9 villains. Though I remember that the Duras sisters consume was very surprising back in the day. These days they are tame.

It is fun to see the Doctor and Garak of course, even if they are destined to have much greater adventures. And I will give the writers credit. While I might not agree with his goals, the terrorist is logical in his thinking. And it does lead to good action sequences...for Star Trek at least.

Overall, 6 out of 10.

"A Man Alone"


Ok, the Jake Nog bits are nice for future reference. And the idea "is it murder if you kill your own clone" should be up my ally (I love cloning stories like most people like time travel stories.) but this one looks flat. Even the Wild-west Posse trying to start a riot in the station seems so...forced. Thankfully some of the themes (Odo and his role in the occupation) is explored later in a much better episode.

Rating 3 out of 10.


Not a bad episode, but not great. The best parts is O'Brian trying to fix the station in the opening bit, and Dax and Kira walking down and before quark invites them to the celebration. I generally like this episode, but it is ....well..Boring...or perhaps it that I have seen it too many times.

And I am sure the actors had fun talking nonsense.

5 out of ten.
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