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Re: Tech update in Star Trek

Yknow, I wouldnt mind if the next series takes lots of liberties with the details of future tech, to update everything, even if it messes up continuity.

We can keep the notion that the Feds are neurotic about genetic enhancements, but there should be a lot more cybernetics used medically, and treated as no big deal. Geordi's eyes should not have been a source of angst or a sign that he was handicapped.

How about more attention to futuristic fabrics and clothing? Starfleet should not send their people into battle wearing pajamas. They should be wearing lightweight fabrics that are far beyond kevlar in terms of protection. And if Starfleet can protext its Starships with force fields, it should do the same for its personnel, with personal force field generators.

And there definitely needs to be more attention to information technology. Starfleet is on an exploration mission, so they should be collecting all possible data on every alien they encounter and then giving their people the means to quickly google their own datatbase when they encounter new species that maybe arent so new. This would be integated into stories manly by inference - ENT shouldnt be able to encounter Ferengi and Borg, and later on have Starfleet be entirely clueless about these species.

And how about some seat belts on the bridge?
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