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Smaller ships' architecture

Ever since 1975, new Starfleet ship designs for the TOS era (both fan-created and on-air canon) have tended to be based around variations of the classic components -- nacelles and the big round saucer -- and to be in a comparable size range. But TOS-R's version of the Antares, derived from the animated series, offers a nice related-but-alternate architectural platform for smaller ships that might do the majority of Starfleet's unglamorous "grunt work." I wonder if anyone's thought about other specialized ship classes using those components (small flat rectangular hull spaces, with additional hull sections or pods attached at perpendicular angles, downsized nacelles)? There could be hundreds of these (the "spaceships," per "Bread and Circuses"?) handling everyday tasks of various types throughout Federation space, while the big ships (the "Starships") are deployed for major diplomatic, exploratory and military missions, maybe?
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