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Re: Where should Stargate go now?

I'd reboot the whole thing and take a less cliched and gutsier approach. Basically, what they were trying to do with SGU but didn't have the ability to pull off well.

The right creative team could do it, nuBSG proved that. I might hire some of the nuBSG writing and production team, though I wouldn't want them to flat out imitate nuBSG. Stargate needs its own character.

I'd keep the idea of a military and scientific character to the Stargate program. The structure would be more serialized to bring in some ideas that go beyond what's possible in the mission of the week format, which has been done and then some.

The Goa'uld are a good basic villain type but I'd have them go far beyond bwahaha villainy. The Ancients also need work, to not be so damn boring. Ditto for the Replicators and Ori.

The Tok'ra have great potential to be a fascinating shades of grey type ally/enemy. There's lots more to be mined in the highly fraught Tau'ri-Tok'ra-Jaffa relationship. They barely scratched the surface of that. I might even bring back the Ri'tu, remember those guys?

Every element needs to be pushed further to get past the lazy-cliche level that Stargate stopped at, far too often.

Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
I'm far more interested in what they've built over the last 15 years than I am in the Stargate concept itself.
I'm the opposite, I still think the premise is strong, but I watched SG1 and SGA almost all the way through, and as much of SGU as I could stand, and even with all that material, I don't give a flip about saving any if it. Toss it all and start over, with a creative team that is daring and has interesting ideas, and the freedom to take it anywhere they see fit.

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