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Re: Paramount IP enforcement, has it hit any productions yet?

We were asked to make changes to our Project: Potemkin website, specifically to remove the link to PayPal to make donations to our project by CBS Studios/Legal. We were also told that we could not sell uniforms/costumes and any other type of item that features Star Trek-related material. It's no big deal. We complied within 30 mins, and the site met their approval immediately afterwards. And they've not touched the Orion Press website at all, which has been on-line since the early 1990's. We still receive donations for Potemkin, but there's not a lot of need for them except for costuming and makeup appliances (i.e. ears).

I think the thing they wanted to put a stop to was the proliferation of copyrighted film clips, copyrighted video clips, copyrighted sound clips that predominated a lot of websites for a while.
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