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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finally finished Star Trek: TNG/X-Men: Planet X last night. I was reading it fairly quickly but with work starting back up and trying to catch up on comics - I'm months behind! - It's been a slow burn. I ended up liking it, a good bit of fun. Though, the last 1/3 of the book feels a little off - we lose any POV of the Transformed chapters for no real reason. Some odd editing mistakes, too. Archangel is said to have both metal and feather wings, which I can attribute to the book being written before Angel's wings changed, but still. And, a character is once called Lt. Wayne, then called Lt. Lee, then called Lt. Wayne! Very odd.

I've also gotten around to reading Batman: Earth One which I thought was a lot better than Superman: Earth One, but that's not saying much. Definitely feels like it's trying to draw in the Nolan-verse Batfan, which isn't necessarily bad, but it lacks the detective aspect of Batman. Some interesting and welcome mythos changes, though.

As well, I also read and absolutely loved Parker: The Score adapted by Darwyn Cooke. What amazing visual storytelling and a really fun heist story.

Next up I dive into the Mirror Universe with Age of the Empress
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