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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

The Temporal Cold War is really the most ridiculous of plot concepts ever. Hey time travel is now SO cliche, we're going to make it a major plot element!

The whole episode is just silly. Archer's so upset over the death of some 3000 miners but was perfectly fine with the resolution in Dear Doctor? Daniels leaving his Time Travel for Dummies kit just laying around which conviently has specifications for just about everything is absurd. You think they'd build these advanced time travel kits in with self-destructs or something for the very reason of preventing people from doing just what Archer did. But time travel makes no sense, so why should their tools? Or if Daniels just trusts Archer, then refer to my prevous comment on Daniels being the worst time travel agent ever. Archer brought in another person, who had to be restrained from looking elsewhere in the data base.

Plus this nifty cloak detecting technology isn't going to uninvent itself once Archer's done with it. Oh wow, the Suliban, who are already known to be dabbling in temporal crap themselves even by Archer's merry band, try and kidnap Archer in response to his raid, didn't see that coming... I'm SOOOOO shocked. Well apparently mister timescrewup Daniels was by that sudden devolopment(guess he should've lent Archer the cloaking specs too), and yanks him out of time... yep just like that... well nice to see there are some consequences to this however silly.

Next time on Enterprise: The reset button is pushed.
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