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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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We also got Adama threatening to shoot strikers and their families rather than negotiating with them, after he was so disturbed by Admiral Cain's dictatorial tendencies in season 2.
Woah there. That's totally of the mark.

First of all: He made a threat. Cain didn't. She just killed them.

Second: Adama only did this when the deckhands joined in. Deckhands are soldiers. They don't get to strike.
It was a mutiny and Adama had every right to treat it as such.
In the end, he was actually quite lenient seeing how no one suffered any consequences and Tyrol even got facetime with Roslyn.
Soldiers don't get to strike because they have contracts for a specific period of time and have some defined conditions of their term as soldiers. This doesn't apply in BSG. Those deckhands were stuck there for how ever long their leaders said they were. Their was no "end of enlistment period" or desertion option for them.

Tyrol made lots of good points about the strikers' demands, and about how jobs were getting passed down to families like it was a new caste system. The workers were working EIGHTEEN hour days, every day for years, basically slave conditions.

Roslyn, living in relative luxury, contemptuously dismissed Tyrol with an "uh uh, we're done here, chief" when he tried bringing this up. And Adama was more than willing to shoot the deckhands and jail the strikers.
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