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TheGodBen said the modern Democratic Party was centrist.
That could depend on which specific and current Democrats in power we're referring to.
Obama is the President and leader of the Democratic party, and he is a centrist. Sure, there are some left-wing Democrats, and some could be described as being just as loony as the Tea party but in a different way, but those people don't have as much influence or control over the Democratic party as the Tea party do over the Republican party.

Also keep in mind that I view American politics from a European perspective, and in Europe the Democrats would be a centre/centre-right party while Republicans would be right/far-right.

But TGB didn't mention the entire modern Republican Party in its entirety.
Yes, I didn't because I wasn't talking about them, I was talking about the Tea party.

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Plenty of people on the left belived that Bush was a fascist. i he was one Obama is a bigger one since he expanded the power of the executive branch.
And those that called Bush a fascist were wrong and deserved to be called out for lowering the tone of important discussions, same as those doing it to Obama. Fascist is a word that has a meaning, and while I really disliked Bush, he did not fit the definition of a fascist.

Just to be clear, while I agree with a lot of what Will says about the Tea party in that clip, I disliked his use of the phrase American Taliban for the same reason.

Depends on how do youdefine rich. What do you consider is rich?
There are degrees of wealth, but I think it's fair to assume that most would agree that those earning over 250,000 a year are rich. That's not my personal bottom line.

Are there more then left wing 911 truthers?
Does the Democratic party pander to those loons? Do those loons successfully mount primary challenges to moderate Democrats to get 9/11 truthers into Congress? Does Obama make jokes alluding to the fact that the US government was behind 9/11?

I personally believe that The Newsroom should be doing a far better job at presenting Will's supposed conservative positions because right now there's very little of that and he comes across as a liberal on most issues. But being a conservative doesn't mean wildly bashing liberals, and being a Republican doesn't mean mindlessly attacking Democrats for disagreeing with them on issues. And vice versa. That's not the way representative democracy is supposed to work.
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