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Re: Rename The Motion Picture

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After the drydock indulgence, the V'Ger shots get diminishing returns because the point's been made already. They don't contribute to the story, except to say that V'Ger is really big, intricate, and weird. That point could have been made more efficiently.
I've never felt that way. For one thing, it's a chance to sit back and listen to one of the finest musical scores in motion picture history without a lot of dialogue and sound effects getting in the way, and there's nothing wrong with that. For another, the V'Ger flyover features what are still some of the most amazing, beautiful, spectacular images I've ever seen on the screen, a real triumph of design and FX technology. It's the closest thing I've ever seen onscreen to the sense of wonder at superadvanced alien technology that you get from books like Rendezvous with Rama.
I was speaking from the perspective of the general audience. Even though I personally enjoy the V'Ger shots, and the music, I can fully relate to the diminishing returns aspect. I believe it applies in this case from the perspective of the general audience.

Trimming the V'Ger scenes by one minute or two doesn't change the fact that, to a general audience, the middle part of the film is boresville.
I think that Robert Wise should have fired his editor! Too many indulgent shots, and I don't know, it may have been Wise's call to edit it that way, and I may be giving a great director too much credit (after all, the director's edition wasn't a shorter film at 136 minutes).

Too many long scenes of the characters staring at nothing, and scenery-chewing by Kirk. Even the beauty shots of the new Enterprise, space office, drydock, Epsilon station, Vger and the Klingon ships were too drawn out. It almost felt like someone made the decision to linger on them to justify having spent the money on all those new models.

I would love to see someone take the Director's Edition (with its completed and updated FX) and edit it down to something more reasonable, and not be such a snore. One problem I can see with that is that at some point, you run the risk of the new quicker pacing not matching the existing score.

Has anyone done such a thing?
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