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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

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Sorry, but that was really a whole lotta nothing.
I should be in agreement with you... but seeing a 24th century Chekov makes my eleven-year-old self do a back-flip.

Man, I'm a sucker for this shit.
Thank god I'm not the only one!

on I think we'll see quite a few fan films shot on the bridge of the 24th century Enterprise-D...
This may take a while but when done it will be beautiful. Wonder where it'll 'live?'

I still wanna do this as a full length film, well the first half with a gang of lookalikes then maybe a miniseries of Kirk, Spock, Scotty and possibly holo-McCoy. Hell, we know now there's a Chekov kicking about! Being a 24th Century show Picard, Janeway and I dunno, Kira could all make appearances and forget the 23rd vs 24th Century divide, just with it's premise. Kirk and Spock post-Nemesis, something for everyone. The first half was novelised, I may turn that into a screenplay someday.

The classic characters could all appear the same age as in TUC. They could even be a lead into the 09 movie - introduce Nero as a villain?!

Anyway not to digress, are all the announced actors reprising roles – Is it our Pavel or an ancestor? Could other favourites return? Are CBS backing this in any way?

A lot of people have wanted to do a new Trek series since Enterprise went off the air, so fairplay for being proactive and doing this

Either way I’m mega excited and hope this comes through good. Chekov in the 24th Century uniform, now there’s a surprise, it would be cool to tell a backstory of his life from 0GAM to now, maybe IDW could have it? (if it’s actually Pavel) And Tim Russ in the ears having barely changed. So much room for storytelling – welcome back to the Prime Universe…
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