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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

^ This has already sparked a HUGE debate in fandom...

I don't see a problem, since it's not really changing the established mythology, i.e.
But some people are still worried about the "implications".

I'm waiting to see how it works out. There are lots of ways this can go right or go wrong.

The only thing that's frustrating is that Buffy's title has chased away almost every character important to Buffy, or relegated them to the background (we're still waiting for that Xander and Dawn storyline to start) and we'll have to wait quite a long time for them to come back. Meanwhile Angel & Faith seems to consist of various characters making hyped guest appearances which don't amount to much. Maybe because A&F is still selling much less than BtVS so they've been trying to prop up the sales? Despite the fact that BtVS's sales have dropped by some 800 copies from last month.

Latest sales (august):

97. Buffy season 9 - #9.12 - 26,569*
131. Spike #1 - 19,372
146. Angel & Faith #13 - 16,453

* They listed the BtVS issue as "Freefall 12" instead of "Guarded pt 2."
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