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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

Does anyone have any theory about the ultimate point of the show?

I think that this show might have more in common with BSG than Jericho.

I suspect that the show is about the emergence of a malevolent AI. The implied "evolution" from in the shows name is about an AI that got loose. The audience is being led to believe that the folks that shut the power off might have been the bad guys, but in fact they were saving humanity for something they created (possibly by accident). This Colossus/Skynet like AI probably escaped its creators. Its possible that the father in the pilot was NOT one of the good guys but part of a cabal that was in league with the AI. The proverbial "Revolution" is that the AI survived the shutdown and humanity will eventually have to fight for its survival when it reemerges. It might also explain why Monroe want to find these folks. He might not be looking for the key to turning it all back on, but may be afraid that these scientist might do just that and doom the world.

What we may find out is that dear old dad lied about what happened to their mother. Either she left because she knew what the cabal was planing or she was taken and possibly held hostage by the same group hoping that he would help them restore the power. He might have said no and just assumed that they killed his wife.

It's a good bet that what he was keeping on his computer was literally the AI's off switch. So while all of the medallions have the power to nullify the EMP keeping the power off...his is the only one that can actually destroy the AI. That would explain why he was so intent on saving it for his daughter. It's possible that the Google guy has an idea what it might do, but has no clue how special it really is.

It might also explain why the tech level is so low. Monroe might actually be trying to suppress technology. They do not want a manufacturing base to reemerge that could be turned against humanity. It could also explain the gun ban. Monroe wants to horde fire arms and does not want to waste them on people sine he knows that they would need to be saved for a war against machines.
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