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Re: Renaissance Class

For my part, I can see it both with and without a neck - depending on which comic panel you use as a reference... My suggestions would be as follows:

If you're going for an Ent-C era look, make the neck a little thinner and more noticeable. Likewise, ensure the saucer and nacelle details fit the era - shorter phaser strips, old RCS quads, etc. I'd probably suggest making the deflector more simple than the nice looking angles you've got at present. (which happens to be the one reason I'd rather you went for a TNG-era look instead!)

If you are going for a more TNG-era "refit" look, keep the thicker neck you've got already, and the ovoid-angular deflector... then detail the RCS thrusters, phaser strips, lifeboats etc accordingly. I'd also suggest maybe something halfway between a Galaxy-class nacelle and similar to what we saw on the Danube-class.

YMMV, of course -- those are just rough directions I'd consider if I had the time to doodle something in myself! By the way, those latest sketch views are purty.
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