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With STV neither Jack Daniels, Kraft or Levi was directly mentioned, just generalized versions.
There were numerous press releases boasting that Levi's had supplied the jeans. They probably made sure the tags were visible, too. I think that Levi's and Kraft also had screen credits.
There's a very obvious difference between press releases and screen credits, and blatantly sticking a nokia phone and budweiser in our faces during the movie. I've seen TFF at least a dozen times, and I never noticed what brand of jeans Kirk was wearing. They didn't feature a 10 second close-up on the tag, and none of the characters mentioned levi jeans. That would have been excessive and jarring, like something out of the 2009 movie.

There was also no in your face Apple placement in The Voyage Home. It was just there and he used it.
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