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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One


Sooo, I was right when I took teacake’s little “cough” to mean that some time paradoxes would be in play.

Mkay, let me get this straight. Daniels couldn’t come back to the present because that’s the future of the timeline that he died in, so he had to go back to the past, where he wasn’t, but now is in order to warn and then “rescue” Archer, which takes them to a future that was destroyed in a past they now can’t get out of because the future technology that allowed them to time travel no longer exists. Okay.

Oh, and they’re standing in some kind of post-apocalyptic something-or-other at the end of the episode.

Grade: C plus

I thought about skipping season 2 because this season wasn’t the best to me. It was okay, but nothing special. The only reason why I’ve decided to watch season 2 is because it kind of doesn’t make sense to watch seasons 3 and 4, only missing the second season. I might as well tough it out and just watch this next season too.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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