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Re: Pine: Star Trek 2 Threat

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Why would anyone in their right minds let comics drive the movies anyway? The money to be made from movies is vastly greater. The success of the franchise depends on the next movie being a hit. The comics can be a big hit by comics standards, but that money is piddly by comparison and won't get more movies or a TV series greenlit.
The comics don't lead anything. They merely have co-writer Bob Orci from Bad Robot giving his input, and telling them what ground they aren't allowed to cover (i.e. "Space Seed" is conspicuous by it's absence among the TOS adaptations) as well as providing a few clues to the next movie in the stories (i.e. Cupcake, returning in thr next film, has been named Mr. Hendorf - presumably Orci told them to call him that) The story for the next movie was already set and the script being written when Star Trek Ongoing began.
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