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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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Yeah because the writers on the shows never made mistakes on the episodes in each season or movies. Ronald Moore and Brannon Braga penning All Good Things, but following that immediately with Generations that cluster fuck of a movie. They really screwed the pooch with that one. While they redeemed themselves with First Contact, GEN is still horrible. Michael Piller who wroter Yesterday's Enterpirse, Best of Both Worlds and helped launch DS9 wrote Insurrection which is worse then GEN.
The problem is that Paramount went with people so used to working on television. They can do a great episodes for a show, but they had a much harder time making a decent movie. All the Trek movies felt too small scale and not special enough.

That changed when Paramount went with a JJ Abrams, a director that knew how to do big budget movies. Even those that didn't like STXI have to admit that movie looked awesome.
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