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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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Nemesis is a crummy movie. Not a bad Star Trek movie, not a bad TNG movie, not a bad two-part episode,not a bad sci fi story-it is simply a crummy movie no matter how you dissect it.
The villian's action make no sense. How can the audience feel the tension of a situation if the bad guy's actions can't be remotely followed or understood?
Shinzon wants to get to know the man he was cloned after. Shnzon wants destroy Earth and expand the Romulan Empire with him as Prateor. This was shown in the movie between Hardy and Stewart's scenes.

Shinzon wants to blow up Earth. Why? Can any of you guys answer that question logically?
Destroying Earth would cripple Starfleet and make it easier to take over the Alpha and Beta Quadrant for the Romulans. Kill the head and the body will die. This was said repeatedly in the movie.

Shinzon first captures Picard, then wants to kill him. Why? Can any of you Nemesis fans justify the villain killing the only means to his survival?
For Shinzon it was about legitimatizing his existence. This was also stated in the movie. Shinzon says his life is meaningless while Picard is still alive. After a long dog fight that left both ships crippled. Shinzon decides to kill Picard with the Thalaron pulse. He states that "Some ideals are worth dying for aren't they Jean-Luc". Shinzon wanted destroy everything Picard stood for. By destroying Earth not only would Starfleet be weakend but the deeds of the man he was cloned after would be forgotten. No one would being singing the praises of Picard and all the heroic things he did in a galaxy dominated by the Romulans. While Shinzon's legacy throughout history would be that he was the man that brought down Earth and secured victory for the Romulan Star Empire in the Quadrant. In the same sense that Nero will always be remembered by the Vulcans of the XI timeline since he detroyed their planet and billions of Vulcan lives.

Shinzon turns down Donatra's advances, then mind rapes Troi. Why? Can the logical explanation please stand up?
Shinzon was a slave, and hates Romulans. It really is that simple. Sent to die by working in the mines of Remus for dilithium for hours everyday for years. While under the abuse of Romulan guards and then later sent to fight the Dominion for his Romulan oppressors. Kind of hard to be attracted to a woman of a race of people who have treated you like garbage all your life. While to audience Donatra is a hot and sexy piece of Romulan ass, to Shinzon she's not a woman. This is also said in the movie. Troi is admittedly not as hot as she was during the show but to Shinzon, a 25 year old human male who has only ever seen Romulan and Reman females, and most likely never been with a woman, he probably saw a milf in Troi. It was apparent he was enamored with her. Being young and having the needs of a man. Once again to us the audience Troi is definitely withered pastures but to Shinzon's she's the first woman he's attracted to.

Starfleet sends a backup task force to Picard, which never shows up when the Enterprise drops off the grid. Not crossing the Neutral Zone is a moot point when the Enterprise is already being pursued by Romulan forces. Can I get logical answer please?
BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET. In the script the final battle was going to feature a battle between a fleet of Romulan and Starfleet ships. Since the budget was limited they could only afford to have the 4 ships in the battle. Had they had the budget of XI, we could've gotten something truely awesome and epic.

That's just a few of the plots various failures. Lets not discuss the cliche fight of Riker vs Viceroy in the infinite pit of the USS Enterprise's....something.
I don't have a defense for this scene. Riker's place should've been on the bridge in case he needed to take over for Picard in the event of Picard's death.

Kolarus III? That entire scene is so bad its like what a Micheal Bay movie would look without any explosions or hot women.
I concept of the ARGO is interesting but in the film it's used as action movie fodder. While this isn't a bad thing, fans should remember what land travel in Trek was in the past. Beaming to one location, walking to wherever else you need go. The ARGO makes sense as a fast transport on terrain not uniform. Done correctly and with more depth and time and money we could get something grand like what Peter Jackson did with the LOTR movies and the wide and aerial shots of the scenery. Walking is cool and all but it really just shows that Starfleet is limited to runabout shuttles and starships. No cgi enviroments and cgi spaceships that show the terrain and landscapes of a planet like George Lucas does. Something that always bothered me is Starfleet's lack of fast ground transports This was painfully demonstrated during the Dominion War. Episodes such as Rocks and Shoals and Siege of AR-558, where the battle between the Jem'Hadar was waged on foot by two sects with laser guns. While I don't think Starfleet needs AT-ST walkers like the empire. Waging a war with two armies only using ships in space and not ground vehicles when it came to fighting on a planet's surface seemed impractical and unrealistic. Starfleet a primarily exploration institution should have ground transports of some kind.

Nemesis is a sad movie , which is doubly awful considering the stellar episodes we've seen that same exact cast deliver in the series. Imagine the story of All Good Things with the budget of Nemesis-that's the potential which was lost to history when it came out.
Yeah because the writers on the shows never made mistakes on the episodes in each season or movies. Ronald Moore and Brannon Braga penning All Good Things, but following that immediately with Generations that cluster fuck of a movie. They really screwed the pooch with that one. While they redeemed themselves with First Contact, GEN is still horrible. Michael Piller who wroter Yesterday's Enterpirse, Best of Both Worlds and helped launch DS9 wrote Insurrection which is worse then GEN.

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