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Another reason I hate the TSA.

Makes me feel really nice when ya got a bunch of folks reminsicent of goose stepping morons with nothing better to.

I don't know about you folks, but I do not feel any safer....and it's not a few angry Arabs I am referring to, I'm not afraid of overrated, overemphasized boogey men, which is what so-called 'terrorists''s like the Communists of the 20th century, just a Boogeyman to keep folks scared. It's the folks running things I'm concerned about, not the well as these flunkies in the TSA, who's in there because they can't get a job anywhere else.

And this shows how great it is, having these failures at life either groaping or fondeling your friends and family, or the cancer cubicles, with all this:

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If you'll excuse me, I gotta practise my goose step.
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