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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

Nemesis is a crummy movie. Not a bad Star Trek movie, not a bad TNG movie, not a bad two-part episode,not a bad sci fi story-it is simply a crummy movie no matter how you dissect it.

The villian's action make no sense. How can the audience feel the tension of a situation if the bad guy's actions can't be remotely followed or understood?

Shinzon wants to blow up Earth. Why? Can any of you guys answer that question logically?

Shinzon first captures Picard, then wants to kill him. Why? Can any of you Nemesis fans justify the villain killing the only means to his survival?

Shinzon turns down Donatra's advances, then mind rapes Troi. Why? Can the logical explanation please stand up?

Starfleet sends a backup task force to Picard, which never shows up when the Enterprise drops off the grid. Not crossing the Neutral Zone is a moot point when the Enterprise is already being pursued by Romulan forces. Can I get logical answer please?

That's just a few of the plots various failures. Lets not discuss the cliche fight of Riker vs Viceroy in the infinite pit of the USS Enterprise's....something.

Kolarus III? That entire scene is so bad its like what a Micheal Bay movie would look without any explosions or hot women.

Nemesis is a sad movie , which is doubly awful considering the stellar episodes we've seen that same exact cast deliver in the series. Imagine the story of All Good Things with the budget of Nemesis-that's the potential which was lost to history when it came out.
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