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Re: how many people on a transporter

In "Our Man Bashir", Rom doesn't quite come out and say it explicitly, but he does make a distinction with regard to the storage of neural energy vs. physical patterns in that neural energy has to be "stored at the quantum level" as opposed to however the physical patterns are being stored in the holosuite.

As far as the cargo transporter in "Datalore" are concerned, if we do concede to cargo transporters "defaulting" to a so-called "molecular resolution", surely we can also assume that the system has safeguards in place to either stop a transport of a lifeform without transporter adjustment, or automatically "up the bit rate" of the transporter mode to make it safe for travel.

In fact, the whole idea of a transporter "defaulting" to an either/or mode in this manner makes no sense at all and I would expect a computer system and associated transporter equipment to be set up in such a way that it uses whatever "resolution" is necessary automatically, whether the pad is in a transporter room or a cargo hold. While it makes sense for a holodeck matter/energy converter system to default to a lower resolution, a transporter would likely be a bit more sophisticated and have, as necessity, a service level requirement of accurate reconstruction, whether it's transporting cargo or people .. as has been previously stated, some cargo is as sensitive as neural patterns.
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