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Re: Mirror Universe Chronology Question

There are also some continuity issues with "Freedom Angst" that I discovered when I read it as part of a rewatch/reread of the whole MU saga prior to reading Rise Like Lions. It's hard to reconcile its portrayal of Ben and Jennifer Sisko's backstory and relationship with how they were portrayed in the onscreen episodes, and the stated time frame of 2369 contradicts Jennifer's statement in "Through the Looking Glass" (from 2371) that she hadn't seen her husband in five years. I think there's also a discrepancy between "Freedom Angst" and some later work in the MU series where Janel Tigan's fate is concerned. So maybe "Freedom Angst" is one of those Mirror Universe stories that takes place in a different version of the MU than the rest of the above listed stories (or even the episodes) do.
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