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Re: (Idea) Interprise goes Andromeda!

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Star Trek Voyager ended in 2378. Star Trek Voyager went off from air in 2001. I think they should set a new series some time 15-20 years in the future, as there always seemed that Star Trek people aged slower (because of medical advancement I think). So the idea is that we could have cameos from previous series, I really want to see an Ezri cameo, a Annika Hansen cameo, a Chakotay cameo, a Jake Sisko cameo and so on so on ... As for the Andromeda Galaxy, I must say I could live with the idea of exploring the Andromeda Galaxy but in a way like DS9 explored the Gamma Quadrant: though a double way wormhole. You are right that Star Trek is about exploring, but they have established a huge basis with the almost 700 previous episodes and I really want to see some Klingon, Romulans, Vulcan, Cardassian, Earth based stories too, not just the unknown ... And for me the most important points are as previously stated: good and clever writing, good acting, great stories all around not where is set. But I really don't want a show which does not use already established races and situations ...
Well, that's explain a lot. I understand now. So, new ideas that cross the border of the current Star Trek concept will be rejected in here; thanks.
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