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Re: Star Trek into darnkness...more like Star Trek into Oblivion.

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What sort of title is just plain sucks.

I cant believe people actually think the suppose title of the new star film is better than phantom menace, Phantom Menace was a decent title to a fair film.
I really hope star trek into darkness is a joke. A big joke that JJ and his buddies are playing on us. hopfully we will get the real title soon.

Star Trek:???????????? (2013)
As has been pointed out, we already have more than one thread dealing with the movie title announcement, and there is no need for another - particularly not one which amounts to nothing more than a peevish rant which ought to have been a blog entry instead. I've spoken to you about those before, tooŚmore than once or twiceŚso it will come as no surprise that this earns you a new warning for spamming.

Comments to PM, thread closed, and please get a blog (to which you will post any further drivel of this sort.)
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