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Re: The Pointlessness of the Doctor's "death"

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Well according to Moffat, the whole point was to take the Doctor out of the spotlight (as this wondrous savior of the universe RTD built him up to be) and back to being just a rogue, wandering time traveller-- which is what I thought most fans wanted.
But it was Moffat who made the Church and it's what went after the Doctor. And it's like the Doctor ever kept a low profile, it was the Doctor in the library who told the Vashta Nerada to look him up in the library becasue of how dangerous he was.
Exactly, RTD had the Doctor as a famous Super Hero, and Moffat brought along The Church of The Silence in order to perpetuate this arc, that has led to his low profile. Maybe he got that idea after Doctor Who was his, maybe, he only wrote that in The Library episode to keep with RTD's Tone and texture for the Doctor. Or maybe he's simply a hypocrite, but, nonetheless, he used River and The Church as the catalyst for this change, at least since the beginning of last season, if not from S5, since The Church did appear in S5 and was mysterious about their profile and River's crime.
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