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Re: The Sorrows of Empire-Standalone?

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The other key works under the Mirror Universe banner and continuity are the anthologies Glass Empires and Obsidian Alliances (with three short novels each, the first one including the original, shorter version of Sorrows), the short-story anthology Shards and Shadows (which I have a story in), and the novel Rise Like Lions by David Mack, which brings the whole saga to a conclusion. The Deep Space Nine novels Olympus Descending, Warpath, Fearful Symmetry, and The Soul Key contain a Mirror Universe arc that feeds into Rise Like Lions, but as always, the different subseries are designed to be comprehensible on their own and the interconnections are just a bonus.
I just want to point out that Olympus Descending is one of two stories (both of which are tied into the Mirror Universe arc) in Worlds of DS9 Vol. 3.
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^^^ What? In what way is Satisfaction Is Not Guaranteed connected to the MU arc?

Perhaps you meant Fragments and Omens, which is actually in Vol 2, not 3. But for the OP's purposes, the connection to the MU arc in either is tangential at best and definitely not required for The Sorrows of Empire.

You're right. I was thinking Satisfaction is Not Guaranteed was in Vol. 2 and Fragments & Omens was in Vol. 3.
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