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Re: Star Trek 2 Has A New Title?

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I'd wager that Star Trek has already had ideas that have been darker than anything this film will show. What pops into my head are episodes like "Time to Stand," "In the Pale Moonlight," "The Mind's Eye," The Seige of AR-558" etc, as well as the ideas and stories about Section 31.
Not to mention "Charlie X," "The Mantrap," "What are Little Girls Made Of," "The Enemy Within" . . . .

Heck, both of the original pilots end on tragic notes, with poor scarred Vina doomed to a life of eternal loneliness, and Kirk forced to kill his best friend.

Hell, the most famous Trek of all has Kirk letting the woman he loves get run over by a truck! And McCoy strung out on drugs for most of the episode, while living in a homeless shelter during the Great Depression . . .
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