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Re: Harry the Genius does what noone else ever considers...

Would you go on a roller coaster without a seatbelt?

Issues with falling over becuase the artificial gravity wasn't quick enough to deal with the external forces and a few exploding terminals is what killed everyone.

No one was turned to paste.

so no one received blunt force trauma more excessive than falling out of moving car.

If you put a person on the hull of Voyager at 1/2 impulse, and turn of the navigation deflectors... They'd pancake against the hull and then vaporize.


There might not have been any effect of velocity at all from the transference across the galaxy, it might have just been the bump of being caught up in the collection wave.

Crash positions, possibly seatbelts and stay away from anything likely to explode.

They'd be sweet.

It was the ship that killed crew not the transportation effect.
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