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Re: Law & Order:SVU-Has It Gone Down The Crapper?

I went into S13 being really skeptical - it seemed like SVU has always been so much about the Benson/Stabler dynamic that the show would just be too odd without it.

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the new cast members did. I loved Cold Case, so for me, seeing Danny Pino was awesome. Wasn't really thrilled about the wife affair storyline...but the hot temper thing sort of reminded me of Scotty Valens, so in that sense it was at least familiar footing.

And I also found that, contrary to what I expected, it was kinda nice to take a break from Benson & Stabler. Yes, at one time it made that show what it was...but there are only so many seasons you can watch what became rehashes of the same old arguments, etc. I think that the insertion of new characters brought my interest levels up a bit....which I really didn't expect.

I will be setting my DVR again this year so I should see most of it. This show is no longer 'must see' for me...but I still record it. If I get to it before it's deleted, great..otherwise, oh well.

When does the new season start?
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