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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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does the 1701-D have that control panel on the front of the horsehoe like we see on the Yamato?
That thing was only there because the tactical console was being taken apart and worked on. The engineers were trying to fix it (the Iconian virus was wreaking havoc with all systems), so they pulled out its 'guts'. That's not how it was supposed to look.
Thanks, but I should have been more clear: We never saw that panel open on the 1701-D (did we?), so there's no on-screen evidence that the 1701-D had that panel.
The 1701-D's tactical console never needed to be repaired in that way. So there was never any cause to use that panel.

And since they used the same set for both ships' bridges, logic suggests that the panel existed on both ships.
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