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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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In Star Trek it is never just God or an Angel, somebody is always playing a trick on some superstitious fool.
There's a reason for this. Gene Roddenberry didn't believe in religion. He was sure that by the time of Star Trek, humanity would have evolved beyond its need for religious belief.
To be honest I not sure that would actually happen.

Plus TOS did mention God as if religion still exists at lest twice, so it seems more like a TNG thing.

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Babylon 5 latest project, The Lost Tales, in the first story, there was a Demon, that was left as an open question if he was "The Satan".
Wait when did they imply the demon in that was Satan

Is this like the Decker is a replicant thing where people have this list of evidence for and I just don't see it at all?
Well, you don't bring a Man of the Cloth all that way to exorcise just any old demon. So, maybe I'm reaching with Satan (It's been since it first came since I watched it, so, not positive), but, the main point is, it was left as an open question, and not clearly identified as an Alien (And afterall, the Vorlon do masquerade as Angels)
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