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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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In Star Trek it is never just God or an Angel, somebody is always playing a trick on some superstitious fool.
There's a reason for this. Gene Roddenberry didn't believe in religion. He was sure that by the time of Star Trek, humanity would have evolved beyond its need for religious belief. That's why gods and belief systems in his stories were always proven to be false.

In the BSG universe, religion is real. God is real. The nature of God is left a mystery (is the Cylon God a vast artificial intelligence, manipulating events throughout time to ensure its own creation?), but a mystery doesn't mean its false.
No it doesn't. I think it is interesting that this is the first instance I ever heard of there being a real god in a space opera setting, usually its a contemporary setting, as in "touched by an angel", "Highway to heaven" or its a bible story, or some fantasy mythological epic such as "Class of the Titans".
Babylon 5 latest project, The Lost Tales, in the first story, there was a Demon, that was left as an open question if he was "The Satan". That one torqued people on both sides. Some of the Religiously Faithful were upset that it wasn't clearly shown to be so, and some of the Atheists were upset, that it wasn't disproven.
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