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Re: Sisko sleeping with mirror Dax.

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Jadzia was all over Sisko in "Fascination," where her subconscious desire for him was brought to the surface thanks to Lwaxana Troi's telepathic influence.
I don't think it was subconcious. If I remember correctly, you fell in love with the first person you laid your eyes on after you were infected.
Dax explained in the exposition there had to be some level of attraction between the two for it to work, even if it's subconscious. Then just said "best not to think too much about it."
Yep. The scene in question:
From "Fascination"
(Sisko, Bashir, and Lwaxana in DS9's Infirmary)

BASHIR: ...Zanthi Fever is a virus which effects the empathic abilities of mature Betazoids. It causes them to project their own emotions onto others.

SISKO: Then Mrs. Troi's amorous feelings for someone on the station were being passed along to the people around her.

BASHIR: Not everyone. Only those within close proximity to her when she had an attack. And even then there would have to have been some pre-existing latent attraction.

SISKO: You're saying Dax...?

BASHIR: Only on a subconscious level. Best not to think about it too much, if you ask me.
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