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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

Gotta give it up to the 49ers for going into Lambeau on opening day and getting the win. You KNOW Green Bay had this chalked up as a win despite the 9ers being one of the NFL's best teams. They likely felt that having home field, at the least, would put them over the top. But, no. The 9er D, which pursues like a mother****er, plays together and with intensity, took what they wanted and made Aaron Rogers and the Pack offense look like any other average teams'.

Man, Harbaugh is one great coach. He take over a hapless Stanford team and they immediatly become a conference powerhouse. He takes over a 9er team with no direction and a possible bust at quarterback and immediately turns them into contenders for the Super Bowl.

God I wish the Raiders had gotten him.
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