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Re: Harry the Genius does what noone else ever considers...

Problem is before the fight, Janeway said "You can have the array after we send ourselves home."

But after shooting up their camp the "federations" didn't seem trustworthy.

Of course if the kazon had gone along with that deal, then Caretakers self destruct wouldn't have been disconnected. Although they didn't have time to send the ship home since the array was going to blow up the second the caretaker died.

Caretaker was a dick.

he could have blown up the array BEFORE he died.

And even possibly, not been on the Array when it blew up.

meanwhile remember those guns he used to blow up the power station on Ocampa?


he blew up the power station, but he couldn't target the kazon ships when they were landbound on Ocampa?


Either way, the Array as some serious weapons that can hit moving targets (the planet revolving around the sun and the planet in rotating on it's axis).from several light hours away.

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